This is a recording of a VJ experiment I did to my brother James' (Sound Lobotomy) new track: Unchained. I created the animated parts in Adobe Illustrator, so that they're infinitely scaleable for down the road, and the glitchy colorful art I made in MAX Msp using various patches to create some interesting looks. I used Resolume as my VJ software, and used an AKAI APC40 Mk2 as my controller. This was a screen recording in 4K at 60fps, but I'm not sure if it will be degraded after it is uploaded to this site. 
This was my final project for my advanced video course at UNC - Asheville. My goal was to create something using Resolume. I can get the edits I want to get with live software much faster than I could get in After Effects. None of the clips were edited in After Effects beforehand. All the color changes, strobes, distortions and glitches were all live, all I did was cut a few clips from the Alice in Wonderland movie and put them straight into Resolume then edited them live. Anything that was 3D in the video, I created myself in Cinema 4D, then used those clips and edited them live similar to the Alice portions. The music used was part of a mix by artist Blunts and Blondes. 
Another screen recording of a VJ performance. Used a different software for this one. How I made this was I used a single 6 second piece of footage I created in Cinema 4D (the loop animation traveling through the hexagons) and then I fed that footage into several different Vizzie patches in MAX/MSP and was live controlling the parameters of the different patches with my MIDI controller, and shutting various patches on and off to give it a constant change. Though it may look as if audio was fed out of the video into the program, it was not. I would just turn knobs as I felt the audio changing, to give it an interesting look. The track I used was Santoryu by Bleep Bloop. The only reason that there is lag in the performance is because at times I would turn on 5 different patches at once, and it would take a few milliseconds for the CPU to process. (I'm using an overclocked 8-core system, so it is more likely an issue with MAX/MSP than with the CPU) 

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