This is a recording of a VJ experiment I did to my brother James' (Sound Lobotomy) new track: Unchained. I created the animated parts in Adobe Illustrator, so that they're infinitely scaleable for down the road, and the glitchy colorful art I made in MAX Msp using various patches to create some interesting looks. I used Resolume as my VJ software, and used an AKAI APC40 Mk2 as my controller.  
My goal was to create something using Resolume. I can get the edits I want to get with live software much faster than I could get in After Effects. None of the clips were edited in After Effects beforehand. All the color changes, strobes, distortions and glitches were all live, all I did was cut a few clips from the Alice in Wonderland movie and put them straight into Resolume then edited them live. Anything that was 3D in the video, I created myself in Cinema 4D, then used those clips and edited them live similar to the Alice portions. The music used was part of a mix by artist Blunts and Blondes. 
Another screen recording of a VJ performance. Used a different software for this one. How I made this was I used a single 6 second piece of footage I created in Cinema 4D (the loop animation traveling through the hexagons) and then I fed that footage into several different Vizzie patches in MAX/MSP and was live controlling the parameters of the different patches with my MIDI controller, and shutting various patches on and off to give it a constant change. Though it may look as if audio was fed out of the video into the program, it was not. I would just turn knobs as I felt the audio changing, to give it an interesting look. The track I used was Santoryu by Bleep Bloop. The only reason that there is lag in the performance is because at times I would turn on 5 different patches at once, and it would take a few milliseconds for the CPU to process. (I'm using an overclocked 8-core system, so it is more likely an issue with MAX/MSP than with the CPU) 

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