Created this scene in Cinema 4D. Purchased the mushroom assets and the log asset from Quixel Megascans. Put together all the materials in Octane. 
This is a breakdown to the scene with the gnome (minus the gnome). I wanted to show the different layers that I use to composite the scene.
Everything below this log with mushrooms is older, this is how I got it to look after several times of tweaking the materials for the mushrooms and figuring out fuzz maps for logs etc. Used Quixel Megascans to get the objects, made all the materials in Octane C4D. Spent about 6 hours getting it the way I wanted. (8/21/2018)
Using Quixel Megascan assets. Mixed materials together in Octane to give mushrooms some subsurface scattering. Built this scene to have a better understanding of Octanes node editor in Cinema 4D.
Another Quixel Megascan. Used Octane on this as well. Used the fuzz map to control where Octane would render hairs as moss. I created the pink plant using XParticles.
An ambient occlusion version of the log scene. I like the difference between the version without materials.
Quixel Megascans. More Octane fun.
Learned how to use opacity textures to make ferns render properly.

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