Put this together for a job interview. I bought the model off of Turbosquid, but the materials weren't the best so I tweaked them for a couple hours in Octane. (only in the standard black, I created the white/gold controller materials from scratch). I then animated the controllers, did some camera movements and tried to make it look like an Apple ad or something.
Created this with Ben Toub. It was a project for school that we had to complete in a few weeks. Audio by BleepBloop.
Smoke simulation I made in Houdini, exported into Cinema 4D to render with Octane, then into After Effects to mirror it and color correct.
Made this simulation using XParticles in Cinema 4D. Followed a tutorial on this one by Bob from Insydium (makers of XParticles). Rendered in Cycles 4D.
Crocodile Rainbow Leather. Made in Cinema 4D rendered in Octane.
Modeled this entire robot in Cinema 4D (started in Maya). I rigged the entire robot as well, and created the warehouse and materials, but didn't end up using much of my animated rig because I found some motion capture data that was better. Made the camera first-person-view in After Effects. All rendered in Octane.
Created the particles simulation in Cinema 4D with XParticles.
Created a smoke simulation, and then hid the smoke but used the smoke information to advect particles and color them based on the color of the noise pattern emitting the smoke. Lots of great tips from Insydium's YouTube channe.
Music by AtYya. Used motion capture data to move the character, and created the clothing simulation in Marvelous Designer, rendered in Octane.
Made a fluid simulation in Cinema 4D using XParticles. xpFluidFx. Textured it all into a pool, but didn't feel like rendering for a few hours so rendered it in clay (you can see the fluid simulation much clearer anyways.
Particles simulation in Cinema 4D using XParticles.
Smoke sim Cinema 4D, XParticles, Octane.
I have the exact real life model, and wanted to challenge myself on modeling the whole thing. I'd say I got it perfect, down to the rough smudged clear plastic.

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