For these PS4 controllers, I was going through several tests to see if Media Encoder (which I've been using to render all my sequences out of After Effects before this point) was equal to or better/worse than using the built in render option in After Effects. Well, it turned out Media Encoder actually produced results different from the viewer in After Effects, and using the After Effects renderer produced the exact result that I would see in the viewer. So that explains why all my renders from before this point had more of a flat look. Now I know. I also tested Cryptomatte from Octane 2018.1 in this still, I originally rendered out all the controllers in the standard black, but then used a cryptomatte to select the materials on four of the controllers to change them to blue in post. I now can do much more compositing work without re-rendering anything. Sweeeeeeet. (original render from C4D was in 32-bit linear color space then composited then pushed out to 4K PNG) - Posted on April 7 2019.
Rendered this MOOG Voyager XL model in Octane using NO material presets. Bought the model from CG Trader, it was modeled well just not organized at all so I spent 2 hours getting all the pieces named properly, grouped and then materials for each component applied then created. I used an 8k procedural noise for the grainy texture on the main front label. I created the antistropic metal on the knobs using an antistropic normal map I found. The image uploaded is in 3840 x 2160 resolution. (25 March 2019)
Another shot of the MOOG Voyager XL. Wanted to show the detail I put into the knob metal as well as the 8k noise I used for the texture of the front label. (25 March 2019)
Made all materials in Cinema 4D using Octane Renderer. 3840x2160 resolution
Got the untextured model from The French Monkey and Observer Doel. Made the materials in C4D using Octane.
Purchased the bulb model from TurboSquid. One of my first Octane Renders, tried to understand the emission node for this one. I edited the bulbs shape to make it more like the way I wanted it.

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