This is what you get when you sit down and play with a tool in C4D that you haven't messed with yet. (MoSpline) Rendered in Octane (4K 32-bit)
Two million particles simulated with xParticles. Added a fluid motion to them. Used the rest of the time on this scene to get the lighting looking nice. Rendered in Redshift.
Made in C4D rendered with Octane.
Used XParticles to create the mesh, made a material for it in Octane.
Got the human model from The French Monkey, and used a grayscale map from him as well for a displacement in Octane to create the terrain.
One of my first Houdini tutorials I followed by Entagma. They make some really helpful tutorials.
Used Octane Scatter in C4D to create this.
XParticles Simulation. Rendered in Octane.
Another abstract Octane render.

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